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Looking for the best sources of ringtones for the iPhone? Each service seems to have it's advantages and disadvantages. Don't settle for a limited subscription or a one time purchase, if what you really need is variety. And likewise, don't pay for more than you need!

Fun Reasons to Get Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone

Cellphones are no longer just a means of practical communication when away from a phone line. Especially amongst our generation of young users, cellhones are a way to express your personality. The new Apple iPhone is the ultimate expression of your individuality. No other phone has enabled such productivity and customization in a cellphone. You can do this through different colored skins, iPhone backgrounds, and most importantly, your iPhone ringtones.

Have you ever noticed how much we all pay attention to each other's ringtones. A little song shouldn't be so important, but we define your character and personality nowadays by the music that signals a call. If we hear one of the pre-set ringtones, we'll definitely think you're boring and "un-cool", which is not the effect you're going for. If you're going to fit in with the crowd, showing yourself hip and cool, you've got to have custom ringtones.

Ringtones either really annoy people or make them really happy. Of course, you don't want to be the person who makes everyone upset because your phone is ringing. You want them to enjoy it just as much as you do. So you've got to search high and low for unusual, hysterical, and inspirational ringtones that will set your iPhone above the crowd.

Have you ever thought of all of the reasons why you should get custom ringtones for your iPhone? Here are some fun ideas.

1) You want to be the one who stops a party because everyone is excited about the song coming from your purse.

2) You want to be cool-really cool.

3) You want everyone to say, "That's my favorite song! You're awesome!"

4) You want to make people laugh every time they hear the phone go off.

5) You want your phone to be different than everyone else's.

6) You want to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend that you understand technology enough to buy cool ringtones.

7) You want to prove that you can find a ringtone no one has ever heard.

8) You want to rotate ringtones as much as possible for increased anticipation.

9) You want people to hope your cell phone goes off just so they can hear your ringtone.

10) You want that text messgae-in-the-middle-of an outing to draw excited stares.

11) You want the people in the grocery store check-out line to envy you because you have a "cool" ringtone.

12) You want those around you to stop and sing along when your phone goes off.

13) You want to be popular, of course.

14) You want to hear a song that makes you smile, because you probably hear it a lot.

15) You want something enjoyable to wake up to in the morning.

16) You want to make sure your phone is distinguishable from others so twenty heads don't turn to check their phones when someone calls you.

17) You want your phone to show off whoever you are.

18) You want to look forward to the prospect of people calling you just so you can hear your ringtone again and again.

19) You want an excuse to spend a little more money.

20) Just because you really, really want a custom ringtone. That's reason enough!

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get custom ringtones for your iPhone.





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RingtoneFeeder is a neat idea for a new service: They create two unique new ringtones every week, created by the musician Geoff Smith.

When you subscribe you will get the latest 10 iPhone ringtones released and then at least two new ringtones every week for as long as you are subscribed.

Advantage: Songs and ringtones you've never heard before. Really unique stuff.

Payment: Paypal required